Sydney's 4.5million residents are fortunate to have access to over 50 National Parks, Reserves and Conservation Areas all within a two-hour drive of the city centre. These parks are home to a highly diverse and globally-unique wildflower population.

This site presents a collection of approx 500 Sydney-region wildflower images, a large proportion of which are orchids and almost all from National Parks. Many of the flowers are quite small and easily overlooked and the focus of this site is to present the small detailed structures of the flowers together with varying conditions of light and shade which make these flowers so attractive.

The images are presented in galleries according to broad orchid family and for other wildflowers, according to colour. Additionally, a gallery is included which focuses on insects and other fauna which are inevitably encountered when pursuing wildflower photo opportunities. Just click on the photo adjacent or the "galleries" tab at the top-right of this page.

In the "tags" or keywords list accompanying each image is a record of the month in which the image was captured and the relevant National Park or other location. This site allows these "tags" to be searched to provide a selection of all site images containing the keyword "tag". Similarly wildflower common and scientific names can be searched.

Some indicative examples of search words are : Royal (National Park), Dharawal, Telopea, Thelymitra, Christmas Bell, July, orchid, greenhood, raindrop, dew, spider, lizard.